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Small Gorilla is a Creative Marketing Consultancy. We partner with big-hearted brands to grow BOTH their revenue & reach online.

Step 1: CRAFT a Brand People Crave

Step 2: CULTIVATE Your Community.

Step 3: CONVERT Community into Customers


We’re Small Gorilla, a Husband and Wife lead, Creative Marketing Agency.

We help big-hearted biz owners craft authentic brands that serve and sell big online.

Our superpowers are in:

Branding. Video. Audience Connection. & Marketing.

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Clear the clutter

Put away the duck tape

Banish shiny object syndrome

Get a simple system that works

Overcome the Overwhelm

Do you suffer from Marketing Overwhelm?

Constantly overloaded & overwhelmed with the endless marketing options out?

We feel you. A lot of heartfelt business owners go from one marketing tactic to the next, only to end up with lackluster results, feeling, over-promised & underserved yet again?


From Frantic to Fearless Many of our clients come to us tired from years of running themselves rampant, frantically trying to keep up with all of the latest Web, Media, and Marketing trends out.Not only does "keeping up with the Jones" not work, It’s stressful and is not sustainable.


There's a better way. Setting up a streamlined marketing system can help you do Less so that you can accomplish MORE. (it's the art of essentialism, and we LOVE it!)


Get your time and sanity back.

Learn how to implement one simple Brand & Marketing system that’s custom fit for your business.

See how it works:

Put some JOY into your Marketing 

Our Branding & Marketing Programs not only teach you the “WHAT to do”, but we go further to teach you “HOW to do it”.   We get into the trenches with you, to help you get it DONE, Faster & with greater success.

Here’s a current list of the tools we use to help our client partners serve & sell big online.


Simple Steps


We help you spark love connections with your audience. Our 3-part system captures audience insights, then turns those insights into authentic connections your people crave.

Learn our process.

We challenge you to a brand transformation!! Are you up for the challenge? Join our free mentorship to join in all the fun!

limited live spots available

Meet Karen

Beast your Brand, Mentoree

Lisa Congdon, 2013

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Why Us?

Our experience working with brands has taught us a lot. And although we are still learning and growing, our collective skills & experience will position ANY brand to do well online. We have started Smallgorilla to serve a greater purpose.

Our aim is to help big-hearted brands utilize all we’ve learned to sell & serve big online.

Dream Big
Live Free

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to build theirs.”

Create Something Amazing
Start Building YOUR Dream TODAY

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