The #1 business strategy for growth

For years I studied and examined which business growth strategies most helped entrepreneurs become successful. After lots of contemplation I concluded there is one main thing that determined whether or now entrepreneurs would grow and meet their potenial.

A few years ago, I was a part of a few different masterminds. As a focused and budding entrepreneur, I was on a mission to find the secret sauce to what made entrepreneurs successful. 

For weeks, I spent hours reading books, going to seminars, learning all the things regarding business growth strategies. I studied and analyzed which actions helped contribute to success and which did not.

My walls looked like a detectives crime scene. lol. I was looking for the scarlet thread that made successful entrepreneurs successful. 

Not only did I study the so called masters. I also studied my peers and myself. 

Then one day, as I was eliminating and reflecting. The answer showed up like blinking lights. I wrote down the word on top of the paper and circled it.

The number one thing that separates those that do and those that don’t is… wait for it.


The missing Ingredient to business growth

Commitment was the missing ingredient. But how could it be so simple?

It wasn’t a specific strategy or tactic per se’. It was more of an attitude and posture that “this is happening with or without you… whether I fail or succeed I’m traveling this road.”

To me, commitment as a strategy looked like a unique flavor of confidence and humility. Where it didn’t matter whether I failed or succeeded but, I am committed to this journey of learning to walk. 

The people around me had questions like, “How do I know this will work? What’s the guarantee? Can you just give me the answers so I can start?… these were the people that fizzled out before they even began.

Once you've seen it, it's hard to unsee

Don’t believe me, take a look around. The ones that make a decision to commit & go for it, are the ones that ultimately (even through seaming failure) succeed.

👉 What are you committed to?

👉 How might you cultivate more commitment as a growth strategy in your life, work, VIP purpose projects?