About Us

Hi, were Enrika & Joshua, a creative marketing team that helps entrepreneurs tell better stories. 

On any given day, you can find Joshua and I:

  • writing
  • filming
  • creating creative content
  • designing brand assets
  • story ads
  • story sites

All to help entrepreneurs use storytelling to grow their business. 
Although this is our current norm, It wasn’t always like this.

Early failures lead us to dig deeper and serve our clients more fully. Read our story below to see how we came to be.

Our Story

Just a few years ago, Joshua was working full time as a cinematographer, and I as a UX designer. We each ran our own separate companies. A common challenge we both faced was that some of our smaller clients failed to thrive because of their lack of marketing know-how.

We gave them creativity, but they also needed Marketing
Clients would come to us for our creative work and they loved it. We were known for making beautiful websites and story-driven videos. However, most of our work went unseen because many of our small business clients missed the marketing step and therefore missed out on seeing the results they deserved.

How could we help?
We started thinking about ways we could help by incorporating all we knew about Marketing to help them thrive. For months we were searching on how to do this, but the answer was not clear.

Then early morning one fall morning, I (Enrika) was out on a run. On my way back towards the house, I sat down on a park bench, and a flood of ideas and inspired thoughts about the business started to come to me…


A new kind of Business

What if instead of having 2 separate businesses, Joshua and I joined forces? What if we were 100% ourselves. No pretense, no corporate BS, just 100% real human connection, full, fun, & free?

What would it look like if we used ALL of our knowledge about creative branding, human connection, service based selling, marketing, & storytelling to help create lasting change that would help our awesome clients thrive?

As I continued to think, I got even more downloads…

What’s in a name:
We would name the new company small gorilla because. 
1. We always loved rooting for the small guy. & 
2. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of human connection via 
guerrilla marketing

(iJay Conrad’s, Guerrilla Marketing tactics for small business)

That was it. 
It felt like I just downloaded the answer that we were looking for.


A Small Gorilla is born
A few months later, we tore down each of our existing businesses and launched our joint business Small Gorilla.

We exist to help Entrepreneurs tell better stories.

What’s Your Story?
What do you do, and why do you do it? What have been some of your successes and what challenges are you still working through?

Your story matters! We’d love to connect and hear from you.