#1 Way to Attract Your Dream Audience.

“If you don’t talk to your customers how will you know how to talk to your customers.” -Will Evans

Talk to your Past & Future Customers!

Why Talking to your Customers is Really Important

Talking with customers is so important. I recommend talking to customers all throughout of the brand building + marketing process. It’s one thing to know your customers and another to really “know” them. Hang out with them, go where they are, observe them. (in a non-creepy way) Understand how they are struggling, see it and hear it from their mouths. (ie how they express what they are going through)


Talk to them in Person

Talking to your customers in person is the best. So when at every junction in your brand building journey, make sure to include at least three non-directed (free flow) interviews with your customers. This means at the beginning before you build anything, before new product launches, after transactions, after customer exits, anytime can be the right time.



Serve with a Survey

If you can’t meet 1 on 1 in person, the next best thing would be to send a “serving survey“.

Here is an example:

Ask a one question survey to your past clients/customers that ask them what is the ONE thing they are facing that you could possibly help them with. To manage expectations make sure to let them know upfront that you are looking to better serve them in the near future, and you will let them know if you are actually able to help.

Then even if you are not able to help directly, compose a list of the some or all of the challenges your community is facing, then graciously and generously point them in the right direction to resources you know of. & if you have no idea about something let them know that as well. They will appreciate your honesty. Send this list out to your clients as a whole.


This is just one idea, I am sure being the rockstar serving leaders you are, you can come up with lots of surveys that serve.

So no matter if it’s in person (highly recommended) or by survey get out there and talk to your people.


User Interview Resources:

Airbase (user research table)


Corresponding Training:

Coming soon.

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