A 1-Day Workshop Experience
to Level Up Your Brand for the New Year










A Simple Solution For Busy Entrepreneurs

Developing and growing a brand can be expensive & time-consuming.
Plus with so many different strategies out, how do you know which will give you real results in the shortest amount of time? As a purpose driven entrepreneur you’re busy.

You need a quick solution with a proven track record for getting results.

For the last few years we’ve helped entrepreneurs grow their brands in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Our 1-Day Workshop Experience gives you a quick way to grow your brand  with clarity & ease.

Craft a brand your people Crave


A 1-Day Workshop Experience to Level Up Your Brand

Our Crave Framework® is a repeatable brand & marketing system that helps entrepreneurs increase their revenue & reach using storytelling.

Clarify your

Connect with

Convert more

The Brand UP 1-Day Workshop Experience is a intimate event where you can upLevel your Brand & Marketing in just one day. It’s a fast effective solution for busy entrepreneurs.

How it Works

1. Attend The 1-Day
BrandUp Workshop

Set aside 1 day to join us, and focus in to get hands on help with doing the work it takes to see your Brand grow to the next level.

2. Learn & Implement the CRAVE Framework™

Use our framework to combine the power of storytelling with clear actionable steps to grow your brand quickly with more ease.

3. Track Your Growth,
Celebrate, Repeat

Track, measure & enjoy increased growth. For continual success repeat the Crave processes for 90 Day period throughout the year.

We work with you

We teach you

It's an experience

Joshua & Enrika are the Husband & Wife founders of Small Gorilla, a Los Angeles based creative media marketing company that uses story to move audiences to action.

Joshua is a Cinematographer and Facebook Ads Expert & Enrika is a Designer & Brand Strategist. Together they help entrepreneurs tell better stories.

November 23, 2019

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Speaking firsthand: 100% of my success came from smallgorilla strategies. I have a company valued at more than $20m now - the investment is nothing compared to the return
Alice Crisci
CEO, MedAnswers
Small Gorilla helped us grow from 7 figures to 8 figures in under a year.
Travis F.
VP Marketing, Pado USA
Small Gorilla is amazing, They have literally transformed my business!
LaKita W.
CEO, CocreateWork

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