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a group coaching experience that helps you grow your brand with ease.


Live group coaching & training events

Small curated mastermind circles

Help with Implementation

Your Most Important Work out into the world... the fun way.

Most Entrepreneurs lack the expert help they need to grow and create the life of freedom they desire.

A lot of programs give you ways to grow, but leave you to yourself, when it comes to implementation & support.

At Small Gorilla, not only do we give you a personalized growth plan, we also connect you with a team to help you implement it.

You don't have to do it by yourself.

Get a simple way to grow so you can have the time, energy & freedom to live a life you love.

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Curated Connections

Connect with other like-hearted entrepreneurs who are also making an impact with their work

For heart leaders ready to grow & make an IMPACT.

More time. More freedom.

Here at Small Gorilla we know that you as an impact entrepreneur want to create a significant impact while (still) having the time and freedom to do the things that matter most to you. 

A system & a team

In order for you to grow your brand in a way that gives you a full and meaningful life, you need a simple system and a team.

We believe a story driven system along with a heart centered creative team is the best way to grow your brand with ease.

The right people on board

Often times getting the right people to come along side you to help you grow is expensive, daunting and time consuming.

And on the other hand, NOT having these trusted resources in place, stunts your growth and leaves you feeling overwhelmed, maxed out and unsure of how to move your brand forward.

Expert help to get you growing

We here at Small Gorilla feel your pain. We have put all we know into creating an experience that fosters true connection, collaboration, & growth.

Not only do we help you with storytelling, marketing, video, & branding, we also dive deep into things like how to…

move past fear, set clear boundaries, and create a thriving culture of play, rest and experimentation.

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Connect 2x/mo & get the personalized coaching & implementation help you need to grow your brand

Take the first step. Apply and save your spot. You don’t have to do it all alone. Get the support you need so you can create the life that you love. 

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Who's leading this thing?

Meet Enrika Greathouse

Founder of Small Gorilla, a creative content company that helps entrepreneurs use storytelling to increase their revenue and reach online.

As an acclaimed designer, brand strategist, and former Choreographer, Enrika has translated her love for creating experiences on stage, into creating captivating experiences online.

Her company Small Gorilla has a diverse client base working with notable brands such as, Variety Magazine, Stitch-fix, Princess Cruises, Seth Godin’s Akimbo, amongst others.

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