The 7P’s to Brand Storytelling

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One powerful element that can increase audience engagement for your brand is using storytelling in your sales copy and brand messaging.

The power of Storytelling

Recently I studied the power of storytelling from neuroscientist Paul Zac. I was amazed on how stories affected the brain. It turns out humans live on stories, they are the most engaging way to convey information. Some of you may be thinking of storytelling such as fiction and movies, but the storytelling we are talking about is taking the elements of a good story and applying them to how we present our products and services. Every good story has 7 main parts.

You can read about the famous story arch HERE>>>>


We have summed up the story arch into our own memorable format. The 7Ps to brand storytelling. These are what you can use to present information in a more engaging memorable way. (using the power of story)

  • Pique– Pique the audiences interest with an interesting intro
  • Pain– Touch on the pain point that you or your product is solving for the user/audience
  • Promise– Reveal the promised solution to their pain points
  • Pushback– Answer any objections or pushback they may have.
  • Plan– Reveal your full plan, or content using stories, illustrations, example, &/or step by step bullet points
  • Pull-Pull it all together, and restate the information into simple takeaways.
  • Point– Point them to their next destination, the call to action, the next step you want them to take.
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