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Transform your brand. Simplify your marketing. Serve & sell more online.

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Why we created small gorilla mentorship.

Josh and I came together to make this product because we (as creatives in our industries) wanted to make beautiful web & video work, that actually helped our clients see measurable results. We found owners who tried to duck tape different marketing solutions together were often left frustrated. After loads of trial and error, we believe we have crafted a FULL yet simple solution that works to get our clients Results.

Connection is key

Every brand needs to connect with their audience in an authentic way. No longer is it enough to just have a pretty website or video that doesn’t actually strike a chord and lead their audience to take action. The industry is noisy. It’s now more important than ever to clearly communicate your difference in a way that attracts your true “ready to buy” audience.

We partner with you to get it done.

Not only do we teach you what to do, we go deeper to show you How to do it. Our unique solution is crafted to actually help you get the work done. We cover all the bases. With our simple, streamlined system helps ANYONE craft a beautiful profitable brand that converts. Our Free Mentorship will get you there, but our 9-week 1 on 1 mentorship will get you there faster.

For Brands with big hearts ❤

Our beast your brand mentorship programs were birthed out of our desire to partner with big-hearted business owners to help them excel, grow &  “show their hearts” in crowded marketplaces.

Are you a brand that delivers real value? If so, take a look below for an overview of what’s included.


Clarify, Strategize, Build, Launch


Connect, Serve, WOW, Repeat


Track, Analyze, Refine, Scale

You’re the treasure the world’s waiting for.

Imagine what you’ll do with a creative team behind you.

9 Weeks of Growth

Here’s the Roadmap


The first 3 weeks we’ll work from the inside out. We’ll find your target audience, clarify your message, & craft a visual brand to get you noticed.

Quick User Research Hacks 
We’ll start off, with our signature user research hacks to help you find your audience & make sure your message is clear and sounds like the exact painkiller for the problem your audience is desperate to solve.

Brand Story 
Then we’ll move you through how to Hook & Wow your audience by crafting a Brand story that resonates and helps your brand become magnetic, sharable, and positioned for viral impact.

Brand Assets to match the VALUE you deliver.
In final weeks of Craft, we ‘ll help you create brand assets that help you look like the high value you deliver. From logos, colors, & landing pages, to videos, photos, & signature graphics; our team of creatives will help you craft assets that will wow, and attract your dream customers.


Plus more:

  • Brand Assessment

  • 32-page Interactive Brand Strategy Workbook

  • Brand Identity Plan 

  • Web, Media, & Marketing Plan

  • Custom Assets created by our team*

  • Copywriting Coaching from growth hacking pros

  • Essential tech hacks all Entrepreneurs should know

  • Essential video creating hacks to save both time & money

  • Web building hacks anyone can do

  • Our Quick & Affordable “do it for you” Resources

  • A Custom Launch Strategy to help guarantee success.


In weeks 4-6, we’ll focus on cultivating your community by increasing audience engagement and putting WOW systems in place that systematically turn your audience into your community.

A Simple 360 Marketing system
Our cultivate sessions starts off by setting up our signature multi-channel marketing system anyone can manage to increase steady engagement.

A Kick-Butt Content Creation System
Next, we’ll integrate and setup your “kill’em with content” Content creation strategy to help you become the content queen/king in your industry.

Engagement Training to help you stand out
Finally, you’ll Learn simple engagement hacks, to help you gain confidence in using video, live streams, webinars & other essential technology all entrepreneurs should be using to lead in their industries.


Plus more:

  • Clear Traffic & Audience Building Strategy
  • High-level strategy, to “day to day” marketing activities
  • Email Marketing Strategy, + Setup
  • Content Creation Workshops + Coworking Sessions
  • Offline Marketing Checklist
  • In-Depth Connection & Collaboration Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy + Setup
  • Signature Audience Testing & Refinement
  • Custom Feedback Loops Strategy + Setup


In the final 3 weeks, we’ll take your brand to the next level. We’ll analyze your data, craft a system to “up-serve” your community & turn your community into paying customers.

Profit Planning
During Convert, we’ll start off by going over and building out the profit planning strategy we start in the Craft session. We’ll cover your brands best profit and pricing positions. Plus assess where you are and where you want to be, plus craft a detailed plan on how to get there.

Scale with Paid Advertising
We will go over best practices for scaling with both Instagram & Facebook advertising. We’ll go over strategy, campaign creation, campaign management, optimization and results tracking. Plus we’ll get our hands dirty to help you craft 3 signature campaigns for your brand.

Aditional Scaling Models
We’ll also cover other strategies to scale and increase mass engagement. We’ll cover sweepstakes giveaways, paid affiliates, sponsorship, and endorsements.


Plus more:

  • 17 Page Interactive Workbook
  • Weekly Results Tracking System Training + Setup 
  • 10min Analyze & Refine Hack
  • Simple Monetization Strategy & Product Planning Training + Worksheet
  • Sales Funnel + Pricing Strategy Interactive Training + Worksheet
  • Digital Campaign Creation Training
  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising Setup
  • Simple Facebook/Instagram Advertising Strategies

The world needs your potential realized.

Our in-person workshops will help you get it done faster.

  • Slow Grow Mentorship

    Ditch Overwhelm, Build a Brand People Crave.

    • Brand Roadmap
    • Brand Assessment
    • 2 Trainings/wk
    • Q&A Forums
    • Progress Check-ins
    • Creative Assets Library
  • Accelerated Mentorship

    Grow your Audience & Revenue FASTER.

    • 1 on 1  Help
    • Custom Strategy
    • Web/Landing Pages
    • Videos/Photos
    • Live Q&A Masterminds
    • Your Assets DONE by us*
    • In-Person Workshops
    • Audience Finding
    • Profit Planning +
    *via our live workshop
  • Hire Us Packages

    Sit Back & Relax, and let us do the work. 

    • Custom Video Production
    • Brand Photos Shoot
    • Web / Landing Page
    • Digital Marketing Deployment
    • Content Creation Package 
    • Digital Advertising Package
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