3 Ways Being Grateful Has Changed My Life.

These last few weeks I (Enrika) have been on a mission to be intentionally grateful. This is what this looks like for me:

  1. I wake up and write in a gratitude journal: who and what I am grateful for.
  2. I think about the little things the big things the people that have and are impacting my life
  3. When I’m in a pickle or daily frustration, I breath and think of what I am grateful for even in the midst of something going not quite as planned. (ie My computer is acting up, but thank you Lord that I am blessed to work on my computer for a living, that I can be free and creative and purpose-driven. I am so grateful for all of these little luxuries I have like my fav mug, with my fav tea & whoa I love my space and this desk you blessed me with on a discount. )

The changes I’ve Seen

Here are the ways that I have noticed that being gratitude has affected me in my life.

  1. I am more joyful. (less irritated, less prone to throw attitude)
  2. It weird but the more I am grateful for a person the more (even if I haven’t talked to them in a while) the more I seem to get a cool surprise blessing from them, like a phone call or an opportunity. (this is truly unexpected)
  3. I am more expecting and hopeful to receive good things. Now I am on the lookout for good things. And more and more good things just seem to keep on coming.

Well, Woohooo for giving gratitude.



Has anyone else experienced such cool grace when intentionally setting your mind to be grateful and thankful?

If so I want to hear your experiences. Comment Below to leave your reply. (I’ll  read every one of them)


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