Client Proposal

“Grow & Scale Prophetic Revelation TV”​

Through Facebook Advertising​

Our Offer to you:

Hi Pastor James,

We are excited about your goal to increase brand awareness for Prophetic Revelation TV.

We think that advertising through Facebook will help grow and scale your audience.

The following info details how we can help you do it.

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Joshua Noonan



FB Setup

  • Signature Funnel Strategy/Audience Creation
  • Creative Asset Recommendations
  • 1 Month of FB Ads Management

In this Phase we will strategize & set up a signature FB marketing system to increase both engagement and reach.

We will create a custom FB audience and then implement a conversion funnel to target that audience.

We will give you recommendations on creative content to scale your reach while simultaneously keeping the cost and risk to a minimum.

We will Manage your FB ad spend for 1 month.

We will do bi-weekly reporting and an analytical breakdown in easy to understand manner.

FB Audience Creation - FB Funnel Setup - 1 Month FB ad management

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