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Scale your Brand in less than 3 weeks with the power of Story and FB ads.

FB Ads Toolkit
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What we teach you

A new approach to Facebook Ads

A Proven Way to:

  • Find More Dream Clients
  • Ramp Up Your Sales
  • Grow Your Audience
not your typical program

A Roadmap

A clear roadmap for how to use Facebook ads to grow your revenue & reach.


A Resource

Increase your confidence, with tools & resources to manage your ads like a boss.


A Tribe

No more feeling stuck, learn with the support of an expert-led community of your peers. 

  • Stunted Growth
    Many lose out because of the Platform's complexity.
  • Low Predictability
    Those who are using Fb ads, are doing so with low confidence & predictability.
  • No Real Understanding
    Most entrepreneurs who use FB ads don't understand it.

Learning FB Ads should be fun!

I get it…facebook ads can be frustrating and hard. Sometimes feels like a maze of confusion…

  • complicated jargon
  • confusing metrics
  • unpredictable outcomes

Hi, I’m Joshua. When I first started learning FB ads I worked as a Marketing Director for an online e-commerce company. I always had this feeling like I was doing something wrong. I had no confidence and I wished I had someone there to guide me.

The Struggle is REAL

Knowing that the Facebook Ads Platform was the tool to exponentially grow revenue and reach, I studied day and night from the dreaded “Facebook Blueprint”. Although I was learning, it was very overwhelming.

I desired something simpler. Plus, I wanted to learn strategies, not just the how to’s.

The Breakthrough

I finally hit my stride when my wife encouraged me to combine my video storytelling skills with the ad strategies I was learning. 

I found that stories were the key ingredient for engaging an audience and inspiring them to take action. A recent study from Facebook suggests that 75% of an ads efficiency is based solely on its content!

The Urge

My team members were astounded by the results we were getting. 

I started documenting my process of what worked and what didn’t. I also helped other brands find similar success.

I’m eager to share all that I’m learning about video storytelling and ads with you.



The Story Ads Program

Simple Strategies to Scale your Brand Using FB Ads.

  • less stress, more impact
  • results driven strategies
  • more authentic, & heart felt
  • simple, actionable, & fun
Maxed out my event
"Small Gorilla is my #1 go-to for brand & ad help... they helped me use FB ads to max out my live event.
Francine G.
Clear & Powerful
"Joshua and Enrika are authentic and always come with the substance. I'm excited to get my hands on anything they create."
Byron D.
Authority Labs

Here's How it Works:

a roadmap

A Roadmap for how to grow using Facebook Ads

The Story Ads Program

The Story Ads Program is a 3 week, hands on learning program. It’s held online, and is full of interaction. This Program is designed to get you running ads quickly. You’ll be able to understand everything you’ll need to launch successful Facebook & Instagram ads in less than 3 weeks.

We focus our teachings on 6 key areas for learning Facebook advertising.

  • Facebook account setup
  • Campaign Creation
  • Budgeting
  • Ad Media & Copy
  • Audience Creation
  • Optimization

Week 1 Setup

In Week 1 we teach Setup and Advertising Content. Learn how to create the best content & ad copy for your Facebook audience. You’ll learn the best story strategies and even get hands on help reviewing your ads.

Week 2 Connect & Create

We start week 2 off with Audience and Campaign Creation. You’ll learn how to create custom audiences, Look-a-like audiences, and also how to validate your best audiences. You’ll also learn how to launch Video View campaigns, Traffic, Conversion, and Re-Targeting campaigns. We even go over a pre ad-checklist!

Week 3 Optimize

In Week 3 we teach our best budgeting practices for both small and large businesses. You’ll learn how to Optimize your ads and also track an ads performance. 

“The best part is that you don’t have to memorize anything…We give you all the tools and resources that you’ll need.”

a resource

Tools and Resources
to Help You Implement


The Strategy Guide (physical)

The Facebook Formula Strategy Guide gives 7 proven strategies to supercharge your growth using Facebook ads.

Stop trying to learn FB ads the hard way. Go beyond all of the “how to’s”, to finally gain a fierce clarity, understanding & confidence to know what to do & when to do it.

  • Strategy over tactics
  • Clear understanding
  • Simple story funnel approach

The Workbook (physical)

No more learning high concepts you can’t apply.

Go through simple prompts to help you map out a strategy customized for your business.

  • 22 Thoughtful Prompts
  • Implement with ease
  • Break high-concepts into actionable steps

The Cookbook (physical)

No more trying to figure out which campaigns to use for each specific goal.

Get quick recipes and cheatsheets geared to get specific results.
  • Fill a webinar
  • Promote a local event or service
  • Get high quality leads

The Video Guides (digital)

No more getting lost in Facebook’s cluttered backend.

Get clear and simple tutorial videos that walk you through each step for each strategy.

  • Clear and simple video guides
  • Clearly see each screen and button
  • Prompt updates when facebook changes

The Campaign Tracker/Storyboard (physical)

No more scrolling through endless rows of meaningless metrics.

Keep track of all of your key metrics and insights with ease.
  • Effortlessly track only what's important
  • See the patterns, and avoid costly mistakes
  • Build out a storyboard for every campaign
a tribe

Human Support & Expert Feedback to help you get Results

A Private FB Community (digital)

No more getting stuck with no help or support in sight.

Don’t go it alone. Having a community to count on is a game changer.
  • Just in time feedback and support
  • Live trainings, ad reviews, audits & hot seats
  • 30 day full access to all online content

Live Workshops (physical)

This is not one of those programs you buy and never use.

Our live training events give you immersive accountably and support
  • Get Hands on, interactive feedback & support
  • In person training, audits, hot seats, Q & A
  • Break from your computer screen to learn and interact in person

"The Story Ads Program gives you the confidence to grow your revenue & reach in less than 3 weeks"

no more hiding

People Need to Know You Exist

Managing Facebook Ads with our FB ADs ToolKit is one of the best ways to find and attract the people who desperately need what you offer.

Imagine yourself growing a tribe of ideal customers with confidence & ease.

Here’s How:

Hyper Targeting

Stop attracting the wrong audience, Get in front of your ideal customers who are ready and willing to buy.

Content Creation that works

Finally understand when & how to use the right content at the right time to see the best results.

Minimal Metrics

Learn only the handful of Metrics that actually make a difference to help you Clearly see what’s working and what’s not.

Smart Retargeting

Seamlessly Re-engage people who show an interest in your brand.

What exactly is the Story Ads Program?
  • Tools & resources
  • Hands on help
  • Proven strategies
  • Results driven

What is it?

The Story Ads Program is a combination of physical and digital goods to help you grow your brand in less than 3 weeks.

  • Physical Printed Strategy Guide
  • Physical Printed Workbook
  • Physical Printed Cookbook (ad guide)
  • Digital Campaign Ad Tracker/Storyboard
  • Digital Step by Step Video Courses
  • 30 day Access to our Private FB Community
  • Access to one of our live training events
  • Not an A-Z guide to Facebook
  • No overwhelm, just ease

What it isn’t

This program is not a how-to for all things concerning Facebook, nor is it an A-Z exhaustive resource for every nook and cranny in the Facebook ads manager. 

  • Proven strategies that work
  • Only the essentials​
  • Created for entrepreneurs
  • Clear Roadmap
  • Human Feedback & Support

How are you different?

With managing millions of dollars in Facebook ads, We have found proven strategies that work. But not only do we give you strategies, we give you everything you need to succeed at growing your business using FB ads. 

Plus we’re simple. We only teach you the essentials that move the needle. Our Story Ads Program was designed with Entrepreneurs in mind. We’re not trying to make you into a FB Ad expert, just an expert at getting sales and audience growth using FB ads. 

Our approach is different, we offer a clear roadmap, tools & resources with real human support. Our goal is to help you get confident at using Facebook ads to grow both your revenue & reach.

The results are in...

Took us From 7 figures to 8
"Joshua's strategy helped us grow from 7 figures to 8 figures in under a year with FB ads "
Travis F.
VP Marketing, Pado Inc.
Increased web sales by 2x
"Joshua is great at what he does! The ads he helped me create are still producing ROI even today. (1 year later)"
Carlo K.
CEO, Lumiere Technologies
Our investors are astounded
"We went from 107 app installs to over 15,000 in less than 1 year all from using FB Ads with Joshua at the helm.
Alice C.
CEO, MedAnswers

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FB Ads Toolkit

Grow Your Brand with Ease

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We've heard it all...

"but I just want to hire someone"

YES! We get it, but what is it costing you? Hiring out FB ads costs a lot of money! With no guarantee of results.

"we thought we could just hire it out too..."

I was managing ads for a multi-million dollar company all in house, we decided to hire out this task to a top notch firm who specialized in FB ads. Long story short, our in-house strategies beat this high profile agency 1 to 1000, we lost so much money, only to have to bring the ads management back in-house. Imagine if we didn’t have a baseline to measure what success for us looked like.

  • Handing off FB ads works best when you have clear understanding of how they work
  • We'll teach you what to look for when hiring someone
  • We show you where to find the best ads managers to hire
  • We allow access for your team*

"I'll just stick to organic traffic"

Organic is great, however it's reach is limited. When you're ready to grow your brand to it's full potential there is nothing currently out that works better than Facebook ads.

"he didn't believe me when I said I'll double it...

I was working with one client who was getting an average of 1 sale a day with organic traffic, after we turned on FB ads the average jumped to over 20 sales a day.

  • FB ads is the proven winner when it comes to rapid growth
  • Organic traffic is increasingly becoming more limited in it's reach

"But I'm not a techie, will it be too complicated?"

No, because we made the Story Ads Program just for you... Busy, non-technical Entrepreneurs.

  • Short actionable resources
  • Step by step campaign solutions
  • Easy to follow videos
  • 24-7 access to our private FB group for help and support
Here's what you need to know

We make it simple & fun!!

We created The Story Ads Program to help busy, non-technical, entrepreneurs significantly grow their brands using facebook ads in less than 3 weeks.

You'll learn how to:

  • Setup your facebook ad account with confidence
  • Quickly & easily install the FB pixel to help you track & increase your conversions
  • Launch a simple funnel that works
  • Tell a compelling story that get's audiences to take action
  • Setup the 4 key campaigns that will help you grow your reach while keeping your costs down
  • Create & source quality media for your ads
  • Create quality audiences that need what you offer
  • Test your audiences & messaging to see what resonates
  • Use FB ads to push quality traffic to your specific offer, event, webinar, email list, or high quality lead-generation form
  • Simplify the metrics, to clearly see when your ads are performing and when they're not.
  • Easily manage and edit your ads to be more performant
  • Learn the power of retargeting.


See Some Behind the Scenes Videos

FB Ads Toolkit

What is your lack of visibility costing you?

Don’t wait to show up. Serve now. Your people need to know that you exist. Join the Program that helps you grow your revenue and reach with ease.

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FB Ads Toolkit

Grow Your Brand with Ease

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