Laura Bell Bundy is a singer and songwriter with a mission to entertain. I met her when she was volunteering at a theater camp teaching and inspiring young campers.
LBB was in the process of releasing new content for her Youtube channel skits-o-frenic, she was looking for a creative to help her film and produce new content.

She had a crazy idea to film 3 music videos in one day. I thought it was insane at first. I’ve filmed music videos before but never 3 in one day. I wasn’t sure that something of this magnitude was possible. The amount of planning involved would take weeks I thought, between working on costumes, location, and equipment. It seemed like a stretch for me.

We pulled the trigger. Our location was set and it was perfect. It had multiple areas to shoot, this allowed us to create unique looks for each music video. We shot from sunrise to way past sunset.

But we did it, we filmed 3 music videos in one day. I mean who does this sort of thing! It was us, creative minds at work together.


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Laura Bell Bundy is a singer and songwriter with a mission to

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