Getting the call to work with a San Fransisco startup is a bit exciting. Alice the CEO of MedAnswers was putting a team together to launch a new app and we knew immediately that we wanted to be a part of this.
The success of the new app was dependant upon getting people to download and use it. With roughly 200 users Alice needed to grow the apps download numbers.

We had never worked on marketing an app and to top it off fertility minded people did not seem like an easy audience to reach. We started by doing a deep dive into understanding this new audience of users. We worked through the brand’s DNA to help discover what story we needed to tell, and we found it.

Within a year we drove over 20k app downloads. We launched a story-driven funnel for MedAnswers through Facebook advertising. The app continues to grow daily and we are honored to work on a project that brings so much help to people.

  • Created a brand DNA Study
  • Created Story-driven video ads
  • App downloads grew to over 20k



Getting the call to work with a San Fransisco startup is a

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