I was introduced to a business owner who was looking to get some videos created for his brand. He was already highly successful at selling a product called the Pure Wave Massager. My wife and I discussed in depth what we could do to help. We decided to do a brand analysis of his current users. Because his brand was already successful at selling online he had tons of customer reviews. We combed through all the reviews to build a customer avatar we believed this would be critical in helping us create a successful video.

We ran into a problem. The google analytics data was showing something totally different from what we came up with. It was showing a completely different audience. Interests, behaviors, age, all of the key factors were the opposite. He decided to move forward with our new creative.

We focused on who we thought his core audience was even though it didn’t match the google data. We ended up creating a series of story-driven videos. It was a major success. The new videos went viral on Facebook and the product sales more than doubled. We ended up making more than 50 videos for Pure Wave.



Laura Bell Bundy is a singer and songwriter with a mission to

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I was introduced to a business owner who was looking to get

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