Writing Room

Establish a Daily Writing Practice
Get your Book Done


How it works

  1. Create a Goal
  2. Join a Co-Writing Session 
  3. Get to Writing 
  4. Connect & Get Feedback on your Work
  5. Access Bonus Publishing Resources

Daily Session(s)

  • Daily (Monday- Sunday)
    90min DailyDo Session(s)
    5 am-6:30am PT


Weekly Session(s)

  • Thursdays
    90min Sprint Session
    12pm-1:30pm PT

  • Fridays
    90min Live Read +
    Q&A Breakout Session


Monthly Session(s)

  • 2nd Saturdays
    3hr Marathon Session(s)


Community Forums

  • Bonus Resources
  • Q&A
  • Daily Posts + Feedback Thread
  • Miscellaneous

The Writing Room

The Writing Room: Establish a daily writing practice. Get your book done.

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